The Gospel

There’s Good News and there’s Bad News

To understand the Good News, one must first understand the Bad News. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

A few determined individuals may be able to avoid taxes, but they’ll never outrun death. You see, when God created mankind, he gave us a place as sons and daughters in his kingdom. However, when the first humans rebelled, we became separated from God and his kingdom. We then became infected with sin and death because we were no longer attached to the source of life, God. Sin is a cancer that kills every single person on the planet. However, the problem of sin doesn’t only affect the end of our lives, but it makes us sick right now; every day we function as slaves to evil desires. Our daily lives are contaminated with selfishness, hatred, gossip, complaining, envy, pride, lust, and more. If we do nothing, all we can expect is to bear the consequence, which is eternal destruction (1 Thess. 1:9). (For God cannot allow sin to infest creation forever.)

But… there’s Good News!

God provided a remedy for sin. This remedy not only delivers people from the wages of sin (eternal destruction), it delivers them from the power of sin. We can be set free from the grip of addiction, anxiety, self-hatred, rage, and every other negative condition.

When God’s only son, Jesus, walked the earth, he proclaimed an amazing message: the kingdom of God is at hand. He taught this because he was about to make a way, by his own blood, for us to return to God. Being nailed to a tree, Jesus—a perfect and innocent man—freely chose to suffer wrath so that we wouldn’t have to. By his sacrifice we have access, once again, to the Life-giver. And God raised Jesus from the grave to show that the great foe, death, had been defeated.

God is offering you mercy and victory right now through Jesus Christ. He literally wants to give you a brand new life! Please contact me if you desire this gift. God loves you and has shown that love through the cross of Jesus Christ. Don’t take this lightly. Right now, you can be reconciled to God (but you can’t accomplish that by your own efforts, which always fall short.) Reach out to me and I’ll talk with you.

If the answer is no—If you don’t want eternal life—If you don’t want to be free from the guilt and pain of a sinful life—If you don’t want to have peace with God…CHRIST STILL DIED FOR YOU and GOD LOVES YOU. If you change your mind or have any questions, I’m here to help.

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